Saigon 2

Ben Thanh area. 

Hot-toc.  Get your hair cut here.

Mmmm,  street kitchens.

That's me driving the cyclo to the right.  My guy is stoked - an easy fare.


Saigon, Cong Quynh Street.  This is the view from Guesthouse 127.  Notice the woman standing on the roof center photo drying her hair.

I received the following e-mail in response to this photo:

"I just saw all of the pictures that you took in Vn. It was really nice, and just by coincidence I saw my old house in one of your picture on Cong Quynh Street. It really stirs up my memmory. Tonight, I am gonna show that to my parents cuz they are always wondering about the old house on Cong Quynh St. Again, thank you for allowing us to see all that great pictures. Take care."

-Anh 4/11/2000

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